Welcome to the Hermitage.

Come on in, have a seat. We’ll have a cup of tea and some cookies, or maybe a bite of pie. Or, you can help me around the garden or with some household project while we talk about Nature and the world, plants, animals, projects – share a recipe or two.

Posts here will come generally once per turning of the Wheel (about every six weeks). I am, after all, a hermit. Most posts will be fairly technical: How things are going with the food forest I’m slowly putting together with techniques informed by permaculture, Ruth Stout’s gardening methods, and Masanobu Fukuoka’s natural gardening; step by step projects as I work on the Hermitage and try to make it more comfortable; maybe a few book reviews or seasonal rambles. My spirituality is rooted in the Earth, in daily things, in connections to my family into the future and ancestors into the past, and these are the things that will inspire posts.

What you won’t find here is politics. I have deep political convictions, of course – based upon compassion for others, and upon the material and spiritual abundance of Nature. However, that’s not my purpose here. My true concern, my Work, is this plot of land – not quite an acre – and the little house built on it by my father and grandfather in 1953. As a witch for many years before taking the eremitic path, my goal is Balance. When all the world appears to be at war, Balance requires peace. Hopefully, here at the Hermitage we will all find some peace.

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