Harvey Update

DSCF1905This is just a brief update to let any readers know how the Hermitage fared over the last few days. There has been an enormous amount of rainfall in the Houston area since late Friday evening, as I’m sure everyone is aware. My sister and I, and all of the animals here at the Hermitage are just fine. This particular neighborhood is on one of the higher elevations in the area. There are a few branches down in the yard and water in the lower areas. The elderly pear tree has suffered a split that will likely prove fatal once I get a chance to inspect it properly, but that’s the extent of the damage to the garden.

While my sister and I were able to shelter in place and be just fine, there are many, many others throughout the Houston metro area who were not as fortunate. Thousands of people have been displaced, and it will take months – if not years – to fully recover. The current death toll is at fourteen, but that number will most certainly rise as the waters recede. For anyone who would like to donate to the relief efforts, the following links are to local, reliable charities who will make sure that the funds are spent and distributed fairly.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund – set up by Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner.

Houston Food Bank

Houston Humane Society

United Way of Greater Houston





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  1. Glad to hear you are just fine! The news coming out of Houston is intense.

    I just got notified that my paycheck is going to be delayed indefinitely this week because of Harvey. The branch of the company that issues our checks is in Houston, and the office is currently under water. Literally. Yikes! But whatever inconvenience I’m going through is nothing compared to your city.

    On an unrelated note…that little cottage (shed? some kind of small building, anyway) in your second photo is adorable!

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    1. Thanks, Danica. Sorry about the paycheck, I know you need it. I’m afraid a lot of things are going to be delayed because of this. I don’t know if people realize just how much commerce goes through Houston. It’s not just oil.

      That little shed is great! It’s a bit pricey, but very solidly built. I wanted a small shed back there for potting up plants and storage, and was toying with the idea of building it myself. I had to be realistic, though, about the level of my own physical ability to build a shed. This one is well-constructed and will last years, and the company that makes them is a local franchise. Once I’m through with the payments on it, I’m thinking about having them build a smaller one that I can use as a stationary chicken coop. It would be worth the investment.


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