Harvest Home Hermitage is dedicated to the worship of the Goddess Habondia and the God Cernunnos. Like any hermitage, it is both a physical and a spiritual place, one that abides with the hermit regardless of whether the hermit is actually abiding in any particular physical place. At the moment, Harvest Home is located on just over 3/4 of an acre of land, quite close to a major city along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. It is the home of my childhood, where I played in the woods, caught fireflies at dusk, and fished crayfish out of their towers with salt pork on a string – the home I couldn’t wait to escape as I approached adulthood, and to which I found myself unwillingly dragged back when my mother became too ill to fully care for herself any longer. Now, it’s the home where I am working to build my own future, for as long as it pleases Them.

A little about myself: I left home at eighteen, a too-young bride. College soon took a backseat to married life, although I continued to take classes as often as I could. (I finished my BA on the fifteen year plan.) Along the way, my husband and I had a daughter, and then quite suddenly, we fell apart. I spent the next eight years raising our daughter as a single mother. Once my daughter had started on her own adult life of college and marriage, I returned to school once more for an MA degree in Anthropology. Then, firmly in middle age, I acknowledged my calling to eremitic life.

The niggling urge had started years before, that tiny voice that said I needed to do something spiritually more – more dedicated, more in tune with the seasons, the elements, Them. They were patient. It took a number of  years before I finally made my vows. They were simple vows – I would serve Them, be Their hermit. Since then, I’ve been on a whole new learning curve. Being a hermit isn’t nearly as simple as one might think, nor is it so easy for a dyed-in-the-wool control freak to release control of her life, even to Deities, and trust. Because that’s ultimately what being a hermit is: Trust that letting go of material things won’t leave us wanting; trust that needs will be met; trust that whatever happens, whatever I’m doing is what They want; trust that what They want for and from me is what will be best – even if it isn’t what I think I want or need at the time.

Right now, I live alone in my physical as well as in my spiritual hermitage. Mama crossed into Summerland in December, at the age of 89, after a long battle with congestive heart failure. Whether or not I will be blessed to be allowed to remain alone is up to Them. I have an older sister who, at 71, has decided that she might like to come home as well. That is all in the future. Right now, when I am not working outside the home, I spend as much time as I can alone with Them. I meditate, read, garden, raise chickens, and work on updating the house and making it a reflection of my inner hermitage. These are the kinds of efforts that will be recorded in this blog.

There will be a variety of subjects covered in the individual posts. Some entries may be concerned with the turning of the seasons; others with the planning and planting of the garden; still others with stripping and painting cabinets, or rewiring the kitchen with GFCI outlets (DIY, on a hope and a prayer.) Hopefully, there will be something of interest and use in all of these musings. Blessed be.


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