Songbirds and Snow

While sitting on my back steps a few days past - before the winter storm that dusted the garden and meadow white with snow - the swift motion of a pair of young mockingbirds caught  my attention. Two young males were cartwheeling together, fighting it out over territory for the coming winter, establishing their boundaries.... Continue Reading →


On Staying Put

Today's entry starts on the patio of a pizza joint. The office for my day job is located a few blocks from Houston's Montrose District, so my lunch hour is generally spent in one of the cafes and restaurants along S. Shepherd Drive or Westheimer Road.  This particular restaurant has a covered patio surrounded by... Continue Reading →

On the Edge of Wild

On Summer Solstice morning - Litha, for some of us - I took a long-handled scythe into the meadow garden. This area was set aside to allow the native sedges and other wild plants a place to grow and reseed themselves more-or-less without constraint.  It's intended to be mown once or twice a year, and... Continue Reading →

A Table for One

It was Beltane Eve, around 6 pm. Thanks to a cool front that blew through last night, the temperature never got above 76 deg F and once the last of the clouds faded around noon, the day was sunny and bright. I was collecting the washing from the clothesline when I felt a familiar tug. I glanced... Continue Reading →

Wild Hares

There was a March Hare in my garden last night - well, a March Cottontail if you want to split hairs (har-har!) He sped across the yard, stopped and gave a shout, sped a bit more, stopped and cried out again, and so on all the way to the woods at the back of the... Continue Reading →

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