Songbirds and Snow

While sitting on my back steps a few days past - before the winter storm that dusted the garden and meadow white with snow - the swift motion of a pair of young mockingbirds caught¬† my attention. Two young males were cartwheeling together, fighting it out over territory for the coming winter, establishing their boundaries.... Continue Reading →


On the Edge of Wild

On Summer Solstice morning - Litha, for some of us - I took a long-handled scythe into the meadow garden. This area was set aside to allow the native sedges and other wild plants a place to grow and reseed themselves more-or-less without constraint. ¬†It's intended to be mown once or twice a year, and... Continue Reading →

Wild Hares

There was a March Hare in my garden last night - well, a March Cottontail if you want to split hairs (har-har!) He sped across the yard, stopped and gave a shout, sped a bit more, stopped and cried out again, and so on all the way to the woods at the back of the... Continue Reading →

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